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"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect."      - Pfeiffer's Law

 LOVE TEA? Well found the right place...

Restorative Nature is an Organic Tea & Herbal products distributor located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We offer some of the Worlds Best Quality Teas and Herbs and take pride in our all natural, Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Certified Kosher, Non-irradiated products premium products. 

Our selected suppliers are strongly committed to the organic industry and having worked for the advancement of sustainable organic agriculture for 30+ years.  Strict quality assurance procedures enable us and our suppliers to maintain the superior quality and integrity of our certified organic botanicals, herbs, and spices.  All of our chosen organic products are grown and harvested in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program, without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.

We will only do business with companies and farmers who strive to make this planet a better place.  We’re an ECO-friendly company that supports our communities, the world around us and most of all, Nature.  At the end of each year, we donate a percentage of our profits to a group of non-profit organizations, to help better the world.  I fully believe the best investment that can be made is for communities and in the people around us.  Join us in making this planet a better place for future generations and RESTORE YOUR NATURE!

Shawn Chambers

Founder & CEO

My Story..

Hi, my name is Shawn Chambers and I’m the founder & CEO of Restorative Nature Distributions.  Years ago, I was struck by a drunk driver, losing my job, car, house, ability to walk and much more.  While recovering from the wreck and dual procedure spinal surgery, I changed my diet and begin drinking tea.  I didn't think I would be able to have a normal job again, so I decided to create a Tea company.  Within a couple of months, my doctor was astonished by my recovery and couldn't believe it, he asked what I was doing, since I wasn't taking the medicine they gave me.  I told him I altered my diet and adding Tea & Herbs.  By him seeing the results, I just knew I had something great.  So while RESTORING my health, I decided to start/name my company, "RESTORATIVE NATURE" and the rest is history.   

We’re honored and truly grateful to have the opportunity to spread Wellness and Knowledge to all of the people around the world.   We all should all have the intention of making this a better place, and at the same time making ourselves better.  We have soo many Communities and other great organizations.  It feels GOOD, to do GOOD things.  Contact Us if you’re wanting to unite, work together or help us make a difference.

Take care and thank you for stopping by, let's create a wonderful Planet for us all.  Support us, support the World and most of all, let us support YOU!  

Thanks for all your support! And be sure to

Restore Your Nature