Why do I drink Organic Herbal Tea?

Why do I drink Organic Herbal Teas? Here's 7 reasons that Herbal Teas could change your life.

Our motto "For every drug that benefits a patient, there's a natural substance that can achieve the same effect. (It's even on our packaging)

Herbal Teas have helped me heal myself so much, I created my own Tea brand/distribution company.


1. Healing. One of the most popular natural remedies for brain and spinal injuries is herbal tea. Tea can help relax the nervous system, boost cognition, relieve internal inflammation and much more to send your on your way to speedy recovery.


2. Mineral Rich. Herbal teas are packed with minerals the body needs. Each herb has their own profile or natural minerals the body needs to perform at an optimal level. Mineral deficiencies have been shown to cause many problems like depression, fatigue, chronic pain and more.


3. Natural Energy. The vast majority of herbs used in herbal teas are caffeine-free. Many herbs contain natural energy-promoting agents that won’t leave you with a caffeine crash. Licorice root herbal tea supports your adrenals to give a nice, nourishing boost of energy.


4. Weight Loss. Some of the compounds in herbal teas are known to aid metabolic function, which thereby can facilitate weight loss. Catechins are a type of polyphenol present in herbal teas that have been researched for their ability to increase metabolic function.


5. Immunity. Herbal teas have also been credited with some immune system benefits, but these claims are still being studied. Basically, the antioxidant composition of herbal teas is known to help the body fight infections.


6. Prevention of Chronic Disease. The antioxidants in herbal teas prevent oxidative stress in the body. This reduces the formation of free radicals, which have been known to cause damage to cells.


7. Health Aging. Polyphenols, including flavonoids and other antioxidants present in herbal teas, have been shown to fight the effects of aging by reducing oxidative stress in the body.


There's tons more reasons why drinking Herbal Tea can change your life, so drop the soft drinks and chemical laced energy drinks and start drinking from natures medicine cabinet. 


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