“Because it’s cheaper than therapy.”

Whether we’ve been stuck in the office or been inside all winter, getting outside should be a must for everyone. Being outside or just interacting with nature, provides countless benefits that improve not only our well being, but our lives, as well. Nature can improve our lives in many ways and on many levels.


The benefits of Ecotherapy or “Green therapy,” has been getting a lot of attention from researchers, specialists and enthusiasts from all over. Being in nature has always been therapeutic and meditative too many, but now the scientific community has begun to research the mental and physical health benefits of the outside. Seems this research could end up leading to a whole new way of thinking.

A recent study by the University of Essex found that taking a walk in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants. In comparison to the other group who also took a walk, but in shopping areas. Only 45 percent of the shopping area walkers had reduced depression scores, while 22 percent of them actually felt more depressed. The organization found that 69 percent of people had an increased sense of well-being after participating. Which could lead to more effective and economically smart treatments and social care programs in the future.

Other studies have also shown that being in nature can help improve energy, boost immune system and just an overall improvement in mental health and well-being. Just being outside for a period of time, has been said to assist in the prevention of future mental disorders. Another study in 2010 showed that spending just 20 minutes outside per day could boost ones energy levels and improve sleep. Taking off your shoes and standing barefooted is even said to have a balancing, grounding effect.

It’s quite amazing that just being in nature can offer relief for everything from depression to negativity. With that being said, everyone should be wanting to get outside, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Improving one’s well-being is life changing and well worth it. Next time you have nothing to do, go outside and reap the long list of benefits nature offers.

The Sun

Being in nature has several benefits of improving one's well-being and quality of life, but so does just being in the Sun. Nothing is better that a beautiful, sunny summer day, relaxing by the pool or on a beach. While being in the sun is a healthy choice, with a list of benefits, make sure you wear the proper sun protection, as it could cause burns, exhaustion and more.

Just being in the Sun has been shown to enhance one's mood and energy through the release of endorphins. It also improves one’s Melatonin regulation through the pineal gland photoreceptors and the sunlight boosts serotonin levels. It has also been said to reduced surgery pain and stress.

Vitamin D that is produced by your skin in response to UV radiation is a primary health benefit of sun exposure, as vitamin D influences an estimated 10 percent of all genes in your body. This make it a profoundly important factor for maintaining optimal health, Two recent studies of critically ill children found that vitamin D deficiency is very common in sick children, and is associated with extended hospital stays and more severe outcomes. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a list of problems, so don’t forget to get out and get your daily sunlight.

Sunlight has many health benefits. However, you should keep exposure moderate. Those with fair skin should spend no more than 10 minutes outside during the time of the day without protection. Those who tend to tan and not burn can get about 15 minutes of sunlight exposure without protection. Be sure to have protection this summer and get you a nice dose of Ecotherapy.

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