Starbucks to close down all Teavana locations.

Starbucks announced on Thursday that they will be closing all 379 Teavana stores due to "underperforming." The unfortunate decision will impact 3,300 workers across the country.

Most locations will be shut down by Spring 2018. The coffee giant purchased the tea retailer for $620 million dollars. B

ick-and-mortar locations have been struggling the recently, across the county and global, due to the rise of online shopping.

The Tea giant has been one of the top retail giants in America. Teavana is known for their unique blends and flavors, by using artificial and natural flavoring, which isn't the healthiest route for tea. Starbucks which is expanding in China, isn't slowing any sign of slowing down. This move is mostly likely the result of retail trend moving more to online shopping. It's estimated the 20% - 25% malls are shutting down within 5 years.

Here at Restorative Nature, we chose not to use artificial flavoring or harmful synthetics, which allows and encourages the body to natural heal and balance itself.

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